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    Health Matters is a free community event hosted by Stanford Medicine that explores the latest advancements in medicine and the health topics that matter most to you and your family.

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    Everything you need to heal is already inside you. Your stem cells, immune system, and microbiome have the potential to cure all sorts of diseases, from cancer to stroke to diabetes and beyond.

    Scientists at Stanford are learning how to unleash this power to heal patients for a lifetime with fewer side effects. It’s the ultimate expression of precision health and the next frontier in medicine.

    This year's Frontier's in Medicine event featured fascinating faculty talks about how Stanford is harnessing the body’s healing power and more than two dozen world-class Stanford scientists were in attendance. The evening's program included a video of Sonia Olea-Coontz, a patient who suffered from a stroke at the age of 31 and then participated in an early-stage clinical trial at Stanford. 

  • health matters

    health matters is a free community event that explores the latest advancements in medicine and health at Stanford Medicine.

    For more information about Health Matters, please visit the event website:


    Leading the Biomedical Revolution in Precision Health

    “Partners in Medicine is truly, for us, one of the highlights of the year,” Lloyd B. Minor, MD, told supporters of Stanford Medicine on April 7.

    The dinner reception, held at the Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club, was for leadership level donors to the three annual funds—Cancer Discovery Fund, Health Care Partners, and Med Fund—and other areas of Stanford Medicine. They help advance medical education, scientific discovery, and patient care both locally and globally.

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  • Searching for Home: Coming Back from War

    The film is an emotional and unflinching look at returning veterans and their search for the “home” they left behind—physically, mentally, and spiritually. From World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to modern-day conflicts, Searching for Home is a multigenerational documentary that chronicles the journey of the men and women who have left “home,” only to return to new and difficult challenges as profoundly changed people.

    After the invitation-only screening there was a Q&A session with director Eric Christiansen; Stanford psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amit Etkin, scientific advisor to the film; and featured veterans including Russ Toll, Stanford bioengineering graduate student.

    PTSD impacts as many as 20 percent of combat veterans as well as an untold number of adults and children worldwide who experience traumatic events and environments. Learn why acceleration of research in PTSD is urgently needed, and how Dr. Etkin and his Stanford colleagues are leading efforts to integrate new scientific discoveries with novel treatment solutions.

    Saturday, June 20, 2015
    6:00 – 8:00 p.m. | Film screening and Q&A