The Future Looks Bright

The Campaign for Stanford Medicine was conceived to do more than solve problems.

Its vision was to harness this era’s dizzying constellation of new tools, technologies, bioscientific insights, and disruptive ideas, and invent the future of human health and biomedical discovery.

We invited you—our visionary, generous supporters—to take the journey with us.

Thanks to you, here’s what we are achieving together.

Campaign Achievements

        New Hospital
            $601M raised to deliver a vision of what health care can and should be.

        Transforming Cancer Care
            $164M raised to revolutionize the delivery of care and discovery of cures.

        Biomedical Innovation Initiative
            $36.4M raised to set scientists free to explore their most innovative ideas.

        Clinical Excellence Research Center
            $34M raised to create national models for delivering better health care at lower cost.

        Biomedical Innovation Building
            $100M raised to create an environment of research collaborations that change the future of medicine.

        Advancing Excellence
            $777M raised to support innovative and emerging ideas driven by donor passions.

Flash Talks

Some of Stanford's brightest scientific minds offer brief, inspiring glimpses of how – thanks to the generosity of our philanthropic partners – the future of biomedicine looks bright.

View the complete series.

Featured Flash Talk:

Euan Ashley, MRCP, DPhil
Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular), Genetics, and Biomedical Data Science
"We'll corral the power of big data to predict the diseases you are at risk for, and precisely treat the ones that do befall you."

Stories of Impact

Here are people, programs, ideas and transformations fueled by the Campaign for Stanford Medicine.  Keep checking back, as the list keeps growing!

Read the full list here.

Featured Story: The New Stanford Hospital

Setting the standard for health care of the 21st Century

Countless donors—individual, foundations and corporations—have come together to create the new Stanford Hospital, a global model of what health care can and should be in the 21st century.  A blend of advanced technology and beautiful, healing, human-scales spaces, the building also sets standards for green construction and sustainability. 

Want to Be a Part of the Equation?

Fundraising continues on a number of our initiatives.  We invite you to join the community of visionary people who helping Stanford Medicine achieve the tantalizing possibilities before us.

Visit our Ways to Give page,
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