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MAY 22 2013

More than Skin Deep:
The Science Behind the Practice

Advances in dermatology and breakthroughs in the treatment of skin cancers can be seen in the news regularly. Stanford is leading the way in discoveries... more

Khavari     Oro     Tang
JUNE 25 2013

Cancer Advances: New Insights on
Prevention and Assessing Your Risk

Did you know it is believed that some genetic changes that lead to cancer may be avoidable or even reversible? This is one of the hypotheses regularly being tested at the Stanford Cancer Institute and one of many innovative areas of research currently underway. Join us to learn more...

Haile     Mitchell
NOV 4 2013

Unraveling the Mystery

Sitting in class on a Tuesday afternoon David got a headache that never went away. Three months into his deployment in Afghanistan, Jarred got his first headache, and it has been with him ever since. Tina had successful brain surgery for an aneurysm, but two weeks later, she developed a headache for which no treatment has been successful. These are examples of the mystery that continues to surround headaches.
Join us to learn more...

Haile     Mitchell
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