Stanford's Clinical Excellence Research Center

Stanford's Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) seeks more affordable ways to deliver better care for conditions consuming the bulk of the country's health-care spending. This includes helping patients to avoid selecting risky, debilitating treatments unlikely to confer health benefit, as well as delivering valuable treatments more safely and affordably.


"Federal creditworthiness and therefore American prosperity now hinge on continuously attaining better health with less health spending. By rapidly mobilizing emerging science and technology from engineering, management, and medicine, the Clinical Excellence Research Center will enable Stanford to help solve a seemingly intractable national challenge."

- Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH

Discovering care delivery innovations to solve the crisis

Aside from its cost, the U.S. health system does not deliver distinguished overall results.

Mobilizing engineering, management, and medicine

The method teaches young investors to identify the most pressing unmet patient and clinician needs.

Breakthroughs in the affordability of clinical excellence

Dr. Milstein originated the A-ICU concept to provide support to patients with chronic conditions.

The Pivotal Role of Philanthropy

With your philanthropic support, Stanford's Clinical Excellence Research Center will create a continuous flow of innovations in care delivery that substantially improve the affordability and quality of American health care.

Experienced scientific leadership with a national track record in health-care improvement is in place. Your investment will accelerate the work of CERC, and provide what society needs and expects: affordable, high quality health care.

Leverage Your Support

The Sandler Foundation has made a $15 million challenge gift to support the efforts of CERC. Additional gifts totaling $30 million from other donors will enable CERC to meet this challenge and provide significant funds to propel its innovations.

Giving Opportunities



Gifts of $5 million will support a professor and her or his research staff during CERC's 10-year transition to financial self-sufficiency.



Gifts of $2.5 million will support two research fellows and their mentorship during CERC's 10-year transition period.

Program Support

Program Support

Gifts of any size will support CERC fellows and faculty by funding research and training.


To learn more about how you can get involved, contact Medical Center Development.

Erik Rausch
Senior Director of Development