CERC Progress Reports

Fall 2019

• More clinical sites embrace CERC's oncology care model
• 2019-2020 fellows explore caregiving and community hospital efficiency
• CERC selected to assess a city-wide test of dementia care model in emergency rooms

January-June 2018

• New phase of CERC AI research targets assessment of surgical skill
• Results from first of two trials of CERC cancer care pique industry interest
• 2018-19 CERC Fellows to distill best use of digital information and communication technologies to lower the cost of excellent health care

July 2017-January 2018

• CERC-SAIL high school intern and her mentor win top award at global scientific conference
• Robust scientific endorsement of unprecedented CERC study on low-cost, high-quality physician care
• Chinese technology university to support CERC-SAIL development of computer vision to prevent costly bedside errors

January-July 2017

• Gift launches clinical trial of spine pain care innovations
• CERC exposes threat to women's careers from defects in US dementia care
• 2017-18 Fellows tackle late-life care and care for complex chronic illness

Spring 2017

• Lower cost obstetrical care, done right
• Genentech invests in multi-state dissemination of discoveries from CERC research on high-quality, low-cost U.S. “bright spots” in cancer care
• Mapping the most valuable forms of care for medical fragility

Fall 2016

• CERC research featured in Consumer Reports
2016-17 fellows tackle medication use and care for cognitively impaired patients
• Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to convert waste into prosperity

Spring 2016

• Illness “blooms”: forecasting which of today’s low-cost patients will experience tomorrow’s most costly and dangerous health crises
• Changing care to help young children fulfill their potential
• Applying CERC research nationally to boost physician efficiency

Fall 2015

• CERC-AI lab team wins global competition via a system to safeguard frail seniors
• Fresh minds to map two new forms of lower cost clinical excellence
• CERC “bright spots” research collaboration with MIT economics faculty

Spring 2015

• CERC and artificial intelligence (AI) lab test jointly designed care innovations
• CERC’s “American Idol” national study of high-value physicians featured in Peterson Foundation’s initiative to discover and spread best practices
• Better, more affordable CERC redesign of cancer care communicated nationwide

 Fall 2014

• Twelve U.S. health-care sites will pilot test new CERC care models
• 2014-2015 CERC innovation fellowship applicant pool multiplies
• CERC’s “American Idol” team to release first wave of findings

Fall 2013

• White House and CERC co-host national conference at Stanford on research policies to safely lower U.S. health-care spending
• First four CERC care innovations attract 30 pilot test sites from across the U.S.
• CERC selects 2013-2014 design goal—more affordable U.S. surgical excellence