Clinical Trial Gift Honors Wife, Offers Hope

Sara Schottenstein's legacy fights on against gastric cancer with immunotherapy

When Jeff Schottenstein's wife was diagnosed with gastric cancer he immediately went into action and left no stone unturned in researching potential solutions to address her rare type of cancer. Working with both the doctors at Stanford, and mobilizing a network of pharmaceutical and industry contacts, he dedicated his efforts to uncovering solutions beyond traditional treatment methods.

Thanks to the Schottenstein's dedication and their belief that more options were needed for gastric cancer patients, the innovative dual-drug trial they envisioned became reality. Despite the fact that Sara would not benefit, Jeff made a gift in her honor that he hopes might someday provide better options for others suffering from the disease.

The new phase II clinical trial at Stanford looks at two immunotherapy agents for the treatment of metastatic stomach and esophageal cancer. Immunotherapies help harness the power of a patient’s immune system to fight cancer. In a phase II trial, investigators are interested in proving efficacy, a first step in evaluating a promising drug combination.