Support COVID-19 Clinical Care and Research


At this time of unfolding challenge, the Stanford Medicine community has reached out in unprecedented ways to offer support for the efforts of researchers and caregivers on the front lines of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response, we have expedited the creation of two newly established funds to aid in advancing efforts in both clinical care and research.


Support Clinical Care

Gifts to the COVID-19 Clinical Care Fund will help Stanford Health Care increase our capacity to continue to respond to the needs of our community and healthcare providers during this period of reopening and in the event of a resurgence. Donations to this fund have already helped to purchase hospital equipment, personal protective equipment, and meals and lodging for healthcare providers. Your continued support will address needs that could include further scaling of testing capacity; expanding & improving telehealth for all patients, including high-risk and underserved communities; while also continuing to provide social services and childcare for our staff and essential workers.



Support Research

Hundreds of faculty members across Stanford Medicine are engaged in meaningful and promising research to better understand COVID-19 and other viruses like it by studying pandemic transmission methods, working to identify vaccines and novel therapeutics, testing new treatments through running clinical trials, developing ways to slow the spread of the disease in vulnerable populations and more. A gift to the COVID-19 research fund will help to advance the most promising and immediate funding priorities in these areas.


Get Involved

To make a gift another way, or ask further questions, please contact us:


Stanford Health Care photo credit Zara Patel.